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LBMC’s Data Analytics team has highly experienced data platform and analytics solution architects. agapp经验跨越多个本地和云数据平台. Our mission is to see data analytics create a huge impact inside organizations and to be one of the best in the business at providing value to the business.

Transform your data into actionable business intelligence with LBMC Data Analytics Services.

一个专业的数据专家团队,其领导团队拥有超过75年的经验. 请ag怎么注册,了解agapp团队如何帮助您的业务.


Enterprise Data Platform & SQL BI Solutions

Finance & Accounting

  • Revenue cycle management
  • 合并预算及预测报告
  • 每月关闭流程自动化
  • Accounts payable automation
  • 应收账款及账龄分析自动化
Data Insights- Operations


  • 业务性能监控
  • Labor management optimization
  • Supply chain management
  • Automated KPI tracking

Gain deeper insights and make data-driven decisions quickly and confidently while saving valuable time and resources.

Data Analytics Services


Data Modernization Services

  • Platform Modernization
  • Strategy and Roadmap
  • 数据湖与数据仓库设计
  • Integration Services


Business Intelligence

  • Business Analytics
  • Data Visualizations
  • Dashboards and Reporting
  • Data Source Consolidation
  • Data Governance
  • Data Security
  • Custom Solutions

What Our Clients Can Expect

As a client, you will experience a high touch and interactive approach from your consultant as we use collaborative and iterative methodology on each project we undertake. The Agile methodology we apply to your project means shorter intervals of delivery where a usable product adds immediate value.

  • 优化财务和运营工作流程
  • 消除人为因素,允许执行人员优化和解决数据方面的挑战
  • 解决与数据隐私法律相关的合规问题, 包括数据存储和保护的方式, 以及如何在组织中使用它
  • Accelerates time to predict and respond to negative events and reduce their impact on organizations

Technologies Supported

Client Testimonials

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我们与LBMC数据分析团队所做的工作具有变革性. 我们不再是一家服务公司. We are a technology company.
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LBMC数据分析团队是可靠和可访问的. 每当我对Power BI有意见时, I can reach out via email and their experts respond with a quick answer they have figured out themselves or involved Microsoft and done a screen share to figure out our problem within a couple of days. They have vast knowledge in different visualization techniques and offer different ways to look at data that I maybe wouldn’t have even thought of before. For example, I submitted a question to them asking which visualization would highlight areas where we might be losing margin. Now, 而不用去看所有相关的发票, 所有这些数据在Power BI中都很容易访问. 随着时间的推移,我们可以展示性能, analyze that data, 找出提高利润率的方法.
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The historical Power BI methodology hinges too much on the IT department to understand the calculations, models, 以及各部门对报告数据的需求. Power BI and supporting components of the new data delivery model allow for more self-service Business Intelligence. While this new method of separating data architecture from self-service analysis is possible, 这需要对最新的DAX分析语言有相当大的了解. The LBMC Data Analytics team has been an indispensable mentor for our Analysts in transitioning to this new language as well as in helping our Data Architect build a newer Tabular ‘Big Data’ architecture.

Data Sources Supported

Industries Served

We have worked with companies who have a team of business intelligence (BI) developers as well as those who are looking to grow their team’s skills in these areas. Our BI developers also work with small and midsize businesses to bring value and insights using tools already at hand in their corporate Microsoft licensing plans.

healthcare analytics


一个完善的基于医疗保健分析的报告可以帮助理解所有数据. Unlike a canned system report, analytics-based healthcare reporting tells the story behind the numbers – the “so what” and “says who.” For one, 基于分析的报告使用基准来比较结果, similar specialties, organizations, practice types, etc. Further, it can report a single metric in different ways because not every part of a practice/hospital/health system uses the same metric in the same way.


Created an OLTP data architecture platform integrating more than 300 doctors of over a dozen groups and numerous EMR’s into a population health solution, 利用数据库集成服务, HL7 and other technologies.


Manufacturing & Distribution


开发企业数据分析策略, 改造现有的数据平台,重新设计各种系统之间的集成. 实现的数据治理策略从IT开始,然后转移到业务中. Developed self-service analytics strategy and delivered Power BI training to power users and end users alike.


零售、餐馆、特许经营 & Hospitality


The LBMC Data Analytics team worked with Finance and IT departments to develop and implement a distributed analytics strategy which focused on IT owning the data platform (intake, data quality, organization, scalability, and security) and Finance owning the development of reporting and analytics views for the business users. 这个模式被扩展到运营团队, with each team’s lead being heavily involved in the development and mentoring process that was led by our LBMC Data Analytics implementation team. Achieved total buy-in from the business side and built a stronger relationship between IT and the business.

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Professional Services


The LBMC Data Analytics team was the lead Microsoft partner working with the Finance team to consult on and implement a 3-year data strategy plan. 从终端用户当前数据和可视化资产培训开始. Coached team on data governance strategies and worked with technical leads to improve existing data models, 为可伸缩性和可管理性提供最佳实践指南. Developed visual data stories using Power BI to share with the business users as part of the rollout.

nonprofit board

Other Industries


这个非营利组织有两个会议中心. Many hours a month were spent compiling recent financial numbers compiled alongside the budgeted numbers for the conference center leadership. The LBMC Data Analytics team created a Data Model and Dashboard that displayed the general ledger data in a more concise, visually effective way, 具有每日自动数据刷新功能.


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