Delivering improved quality of care in the rapidly changing and highly regulated healthcare industry takes more than exceptional providers. 确保长期成功, your healthcare organization must be equipped with reliable and connected technologies that provide secure access to the right information at the right time.

从数据中心和财务办公室到护理点, an integrated approach to healthcare technology can enable your organization to deliver more personalized care experiences, 提供优化运营的见解, 以及获取信息以提高医疗质量.

在LBMC技术解决方案, we harnesses the power of deep industry and technological expertise, 一流的商业软件, 定制软件开发和集成, 以及全面的IT服务组合 and support to empower your organization to enhance patient experiences, 获得运营洞察力,提高护理水平.

Digital Transformation in 医疗保健 Begins with the Right 技术 Partner

LBMC技术解决方案 can help you modernize your organization’s infrastructure, 释放数据的力量, 提供可操作的情报, 简化操作,革新患者体验.


商业软件 & 咨询

我们经验丰富的技术顾问可以帮助您评估, select and implement the right software 解决方案 for your one-of-a-kind healthcare organization. 你是否希望提高工作效率, 降低成本, 获得更大的控制权和对金融的洞察力, 或者寻求更好的支持和管理客户关系, our 解决方案 can help your organization scale and drive overall success.




你的医疗事业是独一无二的. Even healthcare-specific and function-specific software may not be able to fulfill your unique workflow requirements. Whether you’re assessing how to integrate existing data and enterprise systems together or building an application from scratch, our software 发展 teams can help solve your process and workflow needs. 我们提供分析, 设计, 发展, 测试, 实现 and maintenance of custom business applications.



IT服务、解决方案 & 支持

The success of your healthcare business depends on having reliable technology to keep it running. 获得你需要的IT支持,使你的业务蓬勃发展. 我们提供最广泛的IT咨询, 解决方案, and managed services to secure and modernize your healthcare enterprise.




我们提供认证的技术专家, 一流的商业软件, 以及全面的IT服务组合, 解决方案 and support to empower healthcare organizations to enhance patient experiences, 获得业务洞察力, 和提高护理.

赋予它医疗 创新

We empower our healthcare customers to improve financial management, 简化操作, 做出更好的决策, 提供更多个性化护理, 加快新疗法的开发, 遵守规定. agapp医疗保健客户由供应商组成, 保险公司, 专业服务, 制药, 生命科学和生物技术公司遍布美国.S.


我们对每一个客户的参与采取个性化的方法. Our team members have a track record of delivering excellent client service and are committed to building a long-term partnership with you. 我们合作确定, evaluate and implement IT 解决方案 and services to help your unique healthcare organization grow and evolve.

专门的行业专业知识 & 洞察力

We leverage our specialized healthcare industry expertise and insight to future-proof your organization. Our teams include seasoned healthcare experts that actively serve on boards, committees and on leadership positions for numerous healthcare associations. We understand the big picture issues facing the healthcare industry and leverage this knowledge to ensure we deliver innovative 解决方案 that provide long lasting value.

领先的医疗保健IT解决方案 & 服务

20多年来, we have offered a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class services and 解决方案 to enable healthcare organizations to build a solid IT foundation. 从商业软件, network infrastructure and IT security to custom integrations and software 发展, 我们定制agapp解决方案,以满足您的需求和优化价值.

医疗保健IT实现 & 支持

有数百个成功的实现, 我们拥有丰富的专业知识和行之有效的评估方法, 设计ing and implementing both simple and complex healthcare projects. Our proven 实现 methodology will successfully guide you through planning, 实现, 对您的系统进行培训和持续支持.

医疗保健IT安全 & 合规

We take safeguarding patient data, IT security and compliance seriously. 除了拥有符合HIPAA和hitech的解决方案, our portfolio includes IT security 解决方案 that help defend against data breaches, 网络钓鱼和网络攻击. Our 信息安全 team has been 设计ated as the security and compliance provider of choice by three state hospital associations. Let us help you achieve and maintain risk compliance in ways that are practical and relevant to your organization.


There’s a reason we’ve been a leader in healthcare services for over a decade. Discover how our time-tested 解决方案 can improve the way you do business.

We understand your challenges and LBMC brings the strength of an experienced healthcare team, 深厚的资源, and a reputation as an effective advisor to each client situation.





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