IT & 网络安全内部审计

Finding skilled IT auditors is becoming more and more of a challenge for organizations. 在LBMC, our IT and cybersecurity internal audit practice is designed to augment or fully meet your IT internal audit needs. 自2003年以来, our team has performed numerous audits, such as stand-alone audits related to IT and cybersecurity risks, integrated audits with financial teams for SOX, and cloud security and third-party audits.


Areas where LBMC 内部审计 服务 can assist your organization:

  • IT risk and cybersecurity assessments and building-related audit plans
  • 它内部审计 staff augmentation
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Readiness and Ongoing 合规 requirements
  • Stand-alone 审计s (Cybersecurity, IT General Controls, Security Configurations, etc.)
  • IT Process 审计s (Vulnerability Management, Threat Management, Project Implementation, etc.)
  • 供应商审计
  • Documentation of processes and internal controls
  • Targeted process and technology audits based on results of risk assessments, and requests from management and the audit committee


好处 of teaming with LBMC 内部审计 Include:

  • Accelerated audit timelines by adding resources and/or subject matter expertise to the team.
  • Leveraging technical expertise that may not be available within your IA organization.
  • A clear understanding of the full value of audits over and above just reporting issues.
  • Review of reports and findings with a lens of industry-leading practices.
  • Industry sector and compliance specialists who understand the unique challenges of your business.
  • Access to LBMC cybersecurity experts across multiple disciplines.
  • Competitive rates with unparalleled experience in the market.


Link to 抢劫 它内部审计

抢劫 斯塔德

Senior Manager, LBMC 信息安全

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Link to 画了 它内部审计

画了 Hendrickson

Shareholder, 信息安全

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Link to 达斯汀 它内部审计

达斯汀 法新

Senior Manager, 信息安全

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Link to 安德鲁 它内部审计

安德鲁 Vanderford

Manager, 信息安全

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